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Jonah has worked with, spoken at, or been featured on over 200 media appearances, features, brands, and stages, including:

Jonah Lavitt speaking at Cambridge University, Churchill College

Jonah Lavitt speaking at The London Stock Exchange

Jonah Lavitt speaking at Harvard Club of Boston, MA

Jonah Lavitt speaking at Cambridge University, Churchill College

Jonah Lavitt speaking at CNN Center, Atlanta, GA

Jonah Lavitt speaking at NASDAQ Stock Exchange, NYC

Case Studies, Success Stories, & Kind Words

"Already Received $50,000 of Value So Far"

~ New Client on Day 3 of Working Together

Here's Some Examples of What My Partners & I Do:

Case Study #1

~ Offer: Start An Amazon FBA Store ~

Offer: “How To Start An Amazon Store & Build It To Six Figures”

Background: Australian Amazon expert wanted to sell her coaching program to Americans for the first time. She was introduced to us through a well-known marketing leader.

What We Did: We reviewed her offer and started assembling a “dream team” of enrollment representatives for her: We started with 2 sales reps.

~ 5 months in, we successfully increased her coaching program’s price by 60% (we showed her how to make it even more irresistible).

~ We then designed $10,000 to 100,000 backend offers, built the offer stacks, designed the offer webpages, and we staffed the sales reps to do the calls:

~ 2 years later, we had reached 87 talented team members selling all of her various program levels and achieved $2.77MM USD per month in cash collected revenue.

~ When she experienced strain in the fulfillment department, we consulted her through dialing in and scaling the service department because all of the coaches on her team could not keep up with our enrollments. (A very high-quality problem to have.)

Case Study #2

~ Offer: How To Sell Products Online ~

A renowned online entrepreneur entrusted us to revolutionize her "How to build and launch a profitable custom mug and T-shirt dropshipping business. Our team crafted a comprehensive coaching package that we knew would sell, including an enticing offer stack, and streamlined her offer's website pages.

Initially launching with a small, dedicated team of 2-3 sales professionals, we were able to profitably, rapidly scale up to 11 sales professionals within a few months.

The strategic expansion enabled us to add an additional $250k in monthly revenue within her first 90 days with us, and then, the true success story unfolded when we introduced a high-value back-end offer priced at $14,995.

This package wasn't just about selling more products; it was a transformative coaching experience designed to equip her clients with the knowledge to build their own successful businesses: Beyond the technical know-how, we included mindset training, recommended readings, and even daily motivational calls with a motivational speaker, ensuring an all-encompassing growth and learning journey.

Our efforts paid off spectacularly, with the back-end offer alone generating $380,000 in monthly revenue shortly after launch. When combined with the initial sales, her business was steady soaring, averaging $595,000 in monthly earnings.

This case not only highlights our ability to design and execute successful marketing strategies but also underscores our commitment to empowering entrepreneurs with both the tools, strategy consulting, and the mindset to achieve unparalleled success.

Case Study #3

~ Offer: Start A Marketing Agency ~

When he came to us, he was just starting off coaching others on how to launch their own marketing agency, and soon became a global sensation after starting to work together.

Initially, his offer, teaching local businesses how to generating leads and securing customers: His business was stuck at about $195,000 in monthly revenue for a long time.

Knowing we're the choice for people who want growth, he turned to us for help.

Our first step was to overhaul his existing sales team: Through interviews, assessments, using our reporting methods, and providing training sessions, we identified the exact adjustments to make, and figured out how to propel his business forward.

We refined his sales process, enhanced the sales scripts, and redesigned the offer stack webpages to optimize client conversions.

Additionally, we introduced onboarding sessions for new clients and helped staff the team member, ensuring a smooth transition and a better understanding of the services offered, which improved retention, satisfaction, and of course: faster client results.

Within 8 months together, despite being stuck for a long time before hand, his business revenue eclipsed $387,000. We also integrated unique funding solutions directly into his business model.

Initially, we facilitated partnerships with third-party financiers, but since unique funding has been crucial to our clients' success, we decided to offer seamless, streamlined funding services in-house.

Through strategic interventions and a focus on both sales efficiency and client onboarding, we not only doubled his business's revenue, but also positioned him as a leader in the global market for learning how to start your own marketing agency.

Case Study #4

~ Offer: How To Invest In Real Estate ~

Taking an undiscovered, under-the-radar real estate coach and turning him into a global sensation a celebrated online mogul: a testament to a transformative partnership!

He approached us during a challenging phase where his business was barely breaking even, sometimes even incurring losses. Recognizing the potential in his expertise though, he decided to come on board for us to revamp, and reinvigorate his business model.

Our first order of business was assembling a dedicated team for him, one at a time, until we eventually had 11 sales professionals on the account.

Combining professionally trained sales reps with our marketing and profit-margin consulting, we completely turned his business around and completely fixed his profitability problem.

A significant milestone was the complete overhaul of his offer stack and website for his $10,000 front-end service. Once this foundation was solid, we encouraged him to venture into private consulting for a premium and only offer it to his existing clients.

We came up with a strategy on connecting with all of his existing and past clients, shared the opportunity to work privately with him (which, because he became a global sensation, it made it much easier to create demand) -- Using our 20 years combined experience in scaling high-ticket education programs, we properly designed a $25,000 premier, private experience.

All of this was accomplished in under a year, stabilizing his business at what to him was not believable when we first started: His business had catapulted to over $450,000 per month in revenue in less than a year, and with half of that coming from existing clients re-buying and working with him privately, his profit margins were extremely high.

Beyond sales strategies, we tackled his operational challenges too, notably his high fulfillment costs. Through careful analysis and strategic adjustments, we significantly reduced his monthly expenses related to salaries and other costs. Our comprehensive support extended to marketing and strategic advice, further ensuring his business's efficiency and growth.

His story is not just about financial success; it's about the power of strategic partnership and the impact of holistic business transformation. From struggling to make ends meet despite selling a $10,000 coaching program to becoming a dominant, global figure in the real estate education sector, his journey is a compelling and inspiring illustration of what's possible with the right strategy, team, and responsible implementation.

Case Study #5

~ Offer: Women's Empowerment Retreats ~

In November 2021, just as the holiday season was ramping up, she turned to us in a moment of crisis:

With a significant opportunity on the horizon, her sales team unexpectedly walked out, leaving her in a precarious position just a month before Christmas. Despite the tight timeline, we were able to allocate our team and take over her scheduled sales calls the very next morning!

Armed with only her digital brochure and her mission statement, our sales team stepped in without missing a beat.

We immediately began closing deals, demonstrating the resilience and adaptability of our team under pressure.

This swift action not only saved the day but also set her business on a trajectory of unprecedented growth and convinced her that if we could step in with success with a few hour notice, that she could trust us for the long haul. (She's been a client for 3 years!)

Within a short period, we helped escalate her revenue to $750k/month, supported by a dedicated team of 7 heart-centered sales professionals who have stayed loyal to her cause.

Her business has a noble purpose at its core: empowering mothers and their teenage daughters to build deeper, more understanding relationships.

By doing so, she aims to equip them with the wisdom and strength needed to navigate the complex challenges teenagers face today, such as social pressures, depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, and more. Our passion for helping her grow has almost never been about the money: It's been about supporting a big cause that makes a significant difference in the lives of families.

And that's why she was able to eclipse the success she had: Mission and Management, together.

Now, 3 years in, her journey stands as a testament to the power of quick, decisive action, and the long-term impact of dedicated support.

Her success story shows that you can wake up with an entire sales team unable to take calls, and still reach $8,000,000 per year in revenue doing transformational, women's empowerment work.

... Doesn't that give you goosebumps?

Case Study #6

~ Offer: Women's Empowerment Coaching ~

On the same topic: When we first spoke to her, she had this idea of empowering women.

We consulted her during her first 2 months in business to help craft her offer, build her marketing system, helped her script the marketing video, and gave her sales training.

Her 3rd month in business, she already hit over $20,000 a month in signed contracts. (If you've been in the industry for at least 3 months, you know she did pretty good for having a brand new online business!)

We then brought on a setter to help her save time: Immediately she was now only talking to the serious prospects for free consultations. This, plus optimizing her ad campaigns allowed her to double the business instantly:

Month 4, we shifted from consultant to growth agency and started scaling the sales team. She achieved over $40,000 in signed client service agreements in her fourth month.

We also trained up her setter into being an advisor, and meanwhile we brought in 5 new sales reps and scaled her best ads.

(We could do this because she was achieving 900% return on investment on her ad spend, so we had a lot of cash reserves to strategically reinvest to scale.)

In month 6 (3 months as her growth partner), she reached over $200,000 in signed contracts in one calendar month.

It became one of the fastest growing companies in the world and the owner had zero prior experience coaching. A year later she was speaking internationally on the topic and dominated her industry.

Every step of the way, we were there for her to consult her around each area of the business, and we went on to staff over 12 sales reps into her business.

Case Study #7

~ Offer: Personal Financial Consulting ~

He was living on his friends couch, making about $8,000 in revenue. We met through a mastermind, and his business partner had asked us for some "tips" on building their new funnel. We gave him some tips and encouragement, and said "Call us when you're ready."

7 days later, the call came in: "Hey, can you build the funnel for me?" - "Yes."

In month one, we optimized his entire marketing system and rebuilt his funnel from scratch using our best practices, and it dropped his cost of appointment by almost 90%. Instead of calls costing $200, they were now close to $25.

By the end of month 1 together, $23,115 had come in from just $4,033 of ad spend.

This incredible influx of positive cash flow allowed us to hire 3 sales reps in month 2, while responsibly scaling his ads. His new reps shadowed him for a week, and then they felt ready to go out there and replicate his magic:

Month 2 was $113,118 in revenue with $87,502 earned in profits.

Month 3 was better: The sales reps got comfortable, seasoned, and we helped him dial in his fulfillment systems to handle all the new clients. We implemented a uniquely tailored referral program earlier on that paid off: The business did $150,468 in cash collected in month 3 with only $4,093 in ad spend. Yes, that's correct. No typos.

$117,876 in profits generated for the owner in month 3.

Needless to say, month 4 he got his own apartment.

Over the next year, we kept optimizing ads, operations, costs, outsourcing, staffing, and looking after every element of the business, turning it into a cash machine.

15 months later, he was at his peak of now 12 sales reps: $365,871 in monthly revenue was achieved, with only $7,892 in ad spend that month:

After all team and technology costs were deducted, minus the sales commissions, the business still generated $192,527 in profits that month. Even with high margins: Some of the sales reps were making 10k-15k a month in personal pay: A classic example of a company where even the team members win. We know that when team members feel valued, they stick around, which leads to compounding success.

The case study shows the value of having a holistic leader looking after each area of the business for you and knowing exactly what to optimize at each stage to responsibility but rapidly scale and unlock your offer's full, fantastic potential.

Case Study #8

~ Marketing Agency ~

When the owner of a marketing agency approached us, his operation was almost seemingly held together by duct tape. The agency was stuck around $100,000 in revenue a month. Recognizing the potential beneath the surface, we set out to refine his business.

Initially, there were two major bottlenecks: a sales process that was leaving a lot of money on the table and a lot of potential clients unhelped: plus their manual, time-consuming onboarding and fulfillment system created a lot of backed work. We streamlined all these processes.

Our refinements and optimizations paired with our commitment to transforming the business allowed us to increase the agency’s monthly revenue to over $500,000 a month within 6 months.


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 Celebrities, 50+ Video Endorsements, & Awesome People In My Life

Jonah Lavitt & Dr. Oz

American–Turkish television presenter, author, political candidate, professor emeritus, and retired cardiothoracic surgeon. Graduated from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Jonah Lavitt & Nigel Farage

British broadcaster, former politician, Leader of the UK Independence Party from 2006 to 2009 and 2010 to 2016 and Leader of the Brexit Party (renamed Reform UK in 2021) from 2019 to 2021. He was Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for South East England from 1999 until the United Kingdom's exit from the EU in 2020. Host of The Nigel Farage Show, Honorary President of Reform UK and a presenter for GB News.

Jonah Lavitt & Caitlyn Jenner

Top 10 of BBC's "Most Powerful Women," & Arthur Ashe Courage Award Recipient, Television personality, & Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete.

Jonah Lavitt & George Ross

From NBC's Reality Televison Show, "The Apprentice"

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Jonah Lavitt & Dog The Bounty Hunter

Playing In A Celebrity Pool Tournament in Beverly Hills

Martha Stewart & Jonah Lavitt

Carnegie Hall, New York City

(A woman who needs no introduction)

CoCo, Ice-T, & Jonah Lavitt

New York City

Jonah Lavitt & Randi Zuckerberg

Featured on the same conference's stage in Austin, Texas

Dylan Howard & Jonah Lavitt

Chief Content Officer for American Media Inc. He oversees The National Inquirer, US Weekly, In Touch, Life & Style, OK!, Star, Globe, Mens Fitness, Soap Opera Digest, & The National Examiner.

Jonah Lavitt & Grant Cardone

San Diego, California

Bestselling author of The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last, sales trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur with a $5 billion real estate portfolio.

Jonah Lavitt & Dr. Drew

American media personality, internist, and addiction medicine specialist. Hosted the nationally syndicated radio talk show Loveline. Host of the "Dr. Drew On Call" talk show, and hosted the daytime series "Lifechangers" on The CW. Producer of VH1's show "Celebrity Rehab."

Walter O'Brien (AKA "Scorpion") & Jonah Lavitt

Known for his childhood IQ of 197. "The kid who hacked NASA's servers at age 13, and now has his own TV show." ~ Entrepreneur Magazine

Jerry Greenfield & Jonah Lavitt

Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Jonah Lavitt & Joe Polish

Hollywood, California

Founder of Genius Network, GeniusX, Artists For Addicts and Genius Recovery.

Jonah Lavitt & Michael Gerber

New York City, New York

"The world's #1 small business guru" ~ INC Magazine. Author of the E-Myth Book Series.

Marc Siegel & Jonah Lavitt

"Socially Distanced" American physician, clinical professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center, author, and contributor to The Hill, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, Fox News, and member of the board of contributors at USA Today. He is the medical director of NYU's Doctor Radio on Sirius XM.

Joycelyn Elders & Jonah Lavitt

15th Surgeon General of the United States "Socially Distanced" at a Medical Conference.

Jonah Lavitt & Evander Holyfield The Only 4x World Heavyweight Champion, Professional Boxer, Motivational Speaker.

Jenae Noonan & Jonah Lavitt

2X World Gold Medalist, 3X Best Selling Author, Team USA, MMA National Champion & Athlete.

Alex ~ Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert, Online Advertising Strategist, & Fellow Speaker at NASDAQ.

David ~ Advisor to Billionaires, Bestselling Author of "Beyond Billions" & Founder of Legacy Builders

Jonah & Thomesa Lydon

Author, & Frequent Speaker at NASDAQ, Harvard Club, and on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX TV News & Talk Shows.

Jonah & Alex (Video)

7-Figure Entrepreneur, Two-time winner of Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

Jonah & Kurt Francis (Video)

Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker, Leadership Consultant, Business & Real Estate Coach

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Jonah & Matthew Leitz

Co-Founder of Clever Investor, 

"Head Honcho" of, 

8-Figure Entrepreneur, & Consultant

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Jonah & Pamela James, MBA,MPM,MPH

3 Masters Degrees, Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, Founder of 365LivingWell, Award-Winning Speaker

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Jonah & Arlene Eckert

Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Award-Winning Speaker & Trainer, 

& "Personal Potential" Consultant

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Jonah & Kirsten Strawn

International Speaker, & 

Business & Life Strategist

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Jonah & Lise Gottlieb

"The e-Commerce Queen of Denmark" Marketing Expert, Int'l Bestselling Author,

Award Winning Speaker & Strategist

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Jonah & Princess Maryanne Parker

"Manor of Manners" - Etiquette Expert,

TV Personality, Award-Winning Speaker, International Bestselling Author

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Jonah & Louisa Saenen

Motivational Speaker, NLP & HNLP Master Practitioner, CBT, EFT/TFT Master Practitioner, Founder of "Destination: Life Extraordinary"

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Jonah & Matt Brauning

President/CEO at Evolution, International Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Seminar Leader, Master NLP Trainer

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Jonah & Lonnie Gordon Ogulnick BFA

Founder / CEO of Gordon Wealth, and Leading Financial Advisor

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Jonah & R. J. Palano

Real Estate Investor & Wealth Expert, 

Bought & Sold Over $200Million of RealEstate

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Jonah & Dale Hancock

International Speaker, Corporate Coach, Master NLP, CBT, & Time Line Therapist

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Jonah & Craig Perra

Nationally Renown Sexual Addiction Expert, & Owner/President at The Mindful Habit. (& seen on GoodDay, Lifetime, Katie, ABC10)

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Jonah & Mahima Klinge

International Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, Trainer, and Coach

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Jonah & Shelby McDaniels

Licensed Mindful Eating Facilitator, ENW Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist, Certified Weight Management Consultant, Retired IFBB Figure Pro

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Jonah & Larry Warren

The 6-Figure Career Coach, &

Owner of "Job Offer Every Time"

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Jonah & Dr. Dennis L. Harper, D.C. 

Idaho’s Leading Chiropractic Professional, Harvard Thought Leader, Educator, & Founder of the "Harper Restoration System"

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Jonah & Sally Reid

International Coach, Worry & Anxiety Expert, Mentor, Medical Intuitive & Health Specialist

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Jonah & Thelma Sample

Author of Ignite Your Life, as seen on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC

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Jonah & Arlene Krantz

Speaker, Author, Business Coach, &

Zero to 7-Figure Business Entrepreneur

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Jonah & Dave Nassaney

Author, Family Consultant, 30+ TV Show Appearances, "The Caregiver's Caregiver"

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Jonah & Pamela Brewer

Certified & Nationally Known Body, Health, and Life Transformational Coach

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